Saturday, January 05, 2019

Tour Ideas - Megalaya

Have visited cheerapunji in December's been long time I was thinking to write Abt cheerapunji.....
I was there for 4-5 days......with the help of two wheeler it became easiest.......
One can sustain in cheerapunji with lowest budget....if u plan accordingly..
Homestay where I stayed was for RS.250/- per person.......there we stayed for 3 days.and covered almost all places in cheerapunji.....
The orange roots was one of the best veg restaurant in cheerapunji.....and reasonable one with unlimited food
Then I headed towards dint make stay there ......then 7km ahead...shnonpedenge... beautiful place....I did camping there...and hired tent from "hallatong home stay" which was rs.500/- for single camp..jus on River bank ..there are lots of water activities over there do give it a try.....

Next to petrol pump in cheerapunji there is one nice small tea stall with green paint ......thy make fresh buns everyday and it tastes give it a try.......

From guwahati u get lots of sharing cab for RS.350-/- around to shillong....and from shillong u will get lots of sharing sumo for RS.100-120.

It's safest place for anyone to travel....dint faced any kind of Eve teasing or uncomfortable situation.......

First pic is map for cheerapunji...and other one was clicked in mawsai caves....on 6/12/18

Budget for cheerapunji 4thdec - 8th Dec.
This I am posting it as per person because there was one more traveller I met and we split everywhere except food :)
Homestay - RS.500/- per person
Bike- RS.250/- per person for half day
Petrol - RS.100

Other home stay- RS.250/-
Full day two wheeler for RS.450/- per person
Petrol rs-200/-

Cheerapunji to Double decker bridge taxi sharing- RS.150/-
While returning we did hitch hiking ;)


Cheerapunji to shillong - RS.120/-
Shillong to dawki - rs300/-
Dawki to shononpedeng - rs 150
Camp stay - RS.500/- and if u opt for big camp ur budget will go down I choose not to share :)

Entry and parking in total- RS.250/-

Total..- RS.3470/-
While in dawki, avoid going to the river island - its expensive. You can stay in tents near the bridge by the river. Locals have set up some tents which are cheaper than the famous Dawki island.

In cherrapunjee do not miss Tlai fall,mouth of Nohkalikai fall,Weisawdong fall,if like caving try Krem Dam um the most beautifull cave in Cherrapunjee, if want easy you can do Arwah or mawsmai cave,Sohbar River,Double Decker and rainbow fall...for information...Kynrem fall and 7 sister fall are dry,direct cab from airport to shillong 500 from paltan bazar Guahati  to shillong you range starts from 200, shillong Cherrapunjee sumo 70/ taxi100.

Guwahati has many hotels and homestays starting from
You can go around ghy temples..tour sualkuchi..pabitora..
Shillong you ll get accomodation starting 155 plus..u can go to umiam..peak..laitlum..elephanta..
Cherrapunji..many homestays starting feom 300..the falls arw dry but rainbow falls is awesome..masmai caves..among others..then go to nowhat village...and whistling village if u can..proceed to shongpedeng...end at krangshuri.

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