Saturday, January 05, 2019

Kerela Tips

The interiors seem like more of a luxury train or potentially an aircraft but this is the cabin of government ferry that runs from Ernakulam to Fort Kōchi. Minimal motor noise, Hindi songs and fantastic views outside accompany you during the ride; and it’s pretty economical too with just INR 20 for AC cabin and INR 10 for non AC cabin. I had no idea such an infrastructure exists for local transportation in India, hats off to Kerala Government for this great initiative.

It’s infact incredible how the state of Kerala has recovered so well after being ridiculed by massive floods just few months back. Before I went, a lot of noise was played before me as to the state would be in shambles, the places would be dirty, broken etc etc but trust me I saw nothing of it. The roads were well built, so were the places around and people were sounding equally happy(of the very limited number of locals I talked to)

We definitely owe deep respect to the people and government of Kerala for pulling this out in such a short span of time. It’s a lesson for everyone.


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